PUBG become the most popular game in the world

Best PUBG Gambling Sites 2020/2021 – Bet Skins & Items

We’ve compiled a list of the best PUBG gambling sites for you to see. This list allows you to quickly get an overview of which sites are the best if you’re looking to bet skins and items. The 5 sites below are the best ones out of over 25 sites that we’ve reviewed, tested and played on. We rank these sites based on multiple factors including:

  • Overall trustworthiness and legitimacy of the site (no rigging)
  • Testing that the site actually pays out $1.000 in winnings
  • Reviews from other players online
  • The quality of their games, and their graphics
  • .. and a lot more!

For each site that we review, we spend a minimum of 3 hours on the site where we test/play all their games. We also look at the odds, and if they seem to be rigged. We also play for bigger $ amounts and thereafter withdraw it to check that the site doesn’t scam on payouts.

Top 5 PUBG Gambling Sites 2020/2021

the winner
DAPUBG comRoulette | Jackpot | Crash | Craft
4.7/5PUBGEmpireRoulette | Slots
4.6/5CSGORollRoulette | crash dice | coinflip
4.4/5GamdomRoulette | crash | tradeup | hilo
4.2/5HellcaseCase opening

There are Great & Bad PUBG Betting Sites

PUBG Gambling & betting is as of writing this on an upward trend. The game has recently been released, and this is resulting in a spike of players starting to play the game. Now within the game, you can open crates that can contain valuable items and skins that you can flash on the battlefield. These skins and items have real monetary value, and therefore people have started gambling with them. We also saw this trend in CS: GO when CS: GO gambling became huge. This resulted in a ton of gambling sites spiking up, and a lot of players having fun gambling their skins. Some won banks and some lost their banks. That’s simply the consequences of gambling: either you win or lose.

This video game gambling trend is now rapidly growing in the PUBG community. More sites are spiking up, and more players are wanting to gamble. The problem? There are so many sites that it’s hard to differentiate between the good, fair ones and the bad, scamming ones. Without thorough research taking hours, it’s impossible to know which ones to trust. Therefore we launched PUBG Warrior. An aggregator for PUBG websites. We review these kinds of sites and compile top 5-10 lists of the best and most trustworthy sites within that category:

  • PUBG gambling sites
  • PUBG case-opening sites
  • PUBG trading bot sites
  • PUBG free skins sites
  • We even show you the hottest giveaways as of right now!

Our goal with launching PUBG Warrior is to help you find the greatest PUBG sites within seconds. This means that you don’t have to do the work, and you can, therefore, spend your valuable time actually playing the game and using the various PUBG sites.

Types of Gambling Sites

There are a lot of different PUBG gambling sites. Some only feature roulette, whereas others feature a bunch of games such as Jackpot, Crash, Poker, Wheel of Fortune, Coinflip and much more.

Also, notice how we’ve compiled the best PUBG promo codes for these sites. This allows you to obtain a lot of free money to gamble for if done right.

We hope that you’ll have luck on your PUBG skin betting adventures!

Reputed eSports Betting Websites in 2023

Different people connect with diferent esport games, and some prefer to play these games, and some opt for placing bets on them. Usually, people consider esports betting because it has more benefits like money. So make sure that you will learn about the best esports betting sites to safe experience and secure bets:

  • Parimatch is the first and the most reputed esports betting site which is user-friendly and easy to handle. When someone connects with Parimatch, then he can experience a unique environment with great esports options. The same features are represented in the Parimatch app for Androids and iPhones. The best factor that attracts people to Parimatch is its convenient deposit methods such as UPI, Paytm, NetBanking, and many others. When users create an account on Parimatch, they can get a great welcome bonus of 150%.
  • Betway Esports is another famous betting website that people choose for experiencing esports betting. It’s one of the most friendly betting websites with great offers and bonuses. This bookmaker is considered the best for beginners because it provides proper support when placing bets on various sports. Betway has a vast selection of esports such as PUBG, League of Legends, Dota 2, and CS: GO for placing bets on these sports. Besides, this site has convenient deposit options such as Neteller, NetBanking, Skrill, UPI, and many others.
  • Melbet Esports provides a great welcome bonus when you sign in for the first time of 100%. When you open the official betting site with the esports section, you can experience excellent games such as PUBG, CS: GO, Dota 2, FIFA, and many others. This website is considered the best for live esports betting experiences because it includes a live betting feature. You can easily experience a great selection of the various deposit options on this website, such as bank transfer and Paytm. AstroPay cards and many others allow you to make various payments easily.

The list of PUBG betting sites can be supplemented by such bookmakers as Loot.Bet, Bet365, BetOnline, GG Bet, ArcaneBet, Nitrogen, 1xBet, Pinnacle, 888 sport, William Hill, LeoVegas.

What are PUBG Skins, Items & Cases?

In PUBG there are various terms related to the game. To help you understand what these mean we’ve written this text section. So let’s get started!

PUBG crates/cases

In PUBG you can purchase special crates through the Steam Marketplace or with in-game currency known as Battle-Points (BP). You are then given a PUBG key that you can use to open the crate. When opening a crate you have the chance to get cool skins and items. You can for example get yourself a nice pair of boots, a rare jacket or something else!

Note that all crates and items earned before the official release of PUBG will also be transferred to your account when the game is released. Among items, you can get cool coats, boots, pants and much more. We expect that the PUBG developers will release a lot of cool items in the future. Maybe there will be as many skins as there are in CS: GO? Who knows, we’ll see what the future brings!

As of writing this the most expensive crate is the “PLAYERUNKNOWN SET” which is at $1149. That’s quite a lot! But it’s also limited, and can grant you some expensive and cool skins.

PUBG crates

PUBG skins/items

There are a lot of skins in PUBG. They do not provide the player with a game advantage. It’s just something that you can wear to flash your wealth to other players. However, some of these cosmetics do look really cool, which tempts a lot of players. Some of these skins cost more than $1.000.  For example, the PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Trenchcoat is going for around $1.000. The same goes for the bandana.

It’s expected that PUBG will release a lot of skins in the near future. As previously mentioned skins are obtained by opening crates. You can read more about getting free skins.

PUBG skins

The Rise of an Extremely Popular Battle Royale Game

You have probably seen it online before. Either on a Twitch Stream or on gaming websites. It’s everywhere, and it’s also usually taking up the #1 spot on Twitch TV. That’s definitely not a bad start for a newly released video game!

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is a take on The H1Z1 or Hunger Games concept. You basically start in an aeroplane. You’re then flying above an island, and decide when you want to jump off. When you land, you’re situated on an island with 99 other players. The goal is simple: the last person alive wins the game. As you can imagine it’s rather hard winning in a game with 100 other players, but it’s definitely doable.

In the game, you need to move fast and strategically. You should find yourself some great weapons and equipment fast and then utilize a smart strategy. Your mission is then to survive and kill other players. The game area shrinks in size each minute which brings players closer together. As you may have guessed this quickly results in a bloodbath where the best and most successful players get to dominate. Sometimes you may get a poor spawn or some poor items, but remember to never give up. There’s always a way to win.

The competitive scene of the game is also already rather big. There are pro teams and competitions with prize pools in the six-digit range. That’s definitely impressive for a new game.

When compared to other games, there has never been a game that climbed to the top as fast as this one. It managed to reach the #1 position on Twitch before it was actually released! Now that’s an achievement. Not many games have managed to pull this one-off.

Will PUBG become the most popular game in the world?

That’s a hard question to answer. That depends on how the PUBG team develops this game. However, it definitely looks very promising. The game is already one of the biggest in the world, and the player count is well on its way to beat the one of Runescape, World of Warcraft, Diablo. However, it’s going to take a while before PUBG beats the player count of League of Legends (the worlds biggest video game as of writing this).

We definitely think that PUBG can become the most popular game in the world as it’s already well on the way.

Where can the game be bought?

As of writing this, the game has just been released, and therefore it’s being ripped off the shelves in physical stores. However, there are a lot of places where the game can be bought online. On Steam it’s going for $29,99 but you can get it even cheaper on usually.

As far as we know, the Deluxe version of the game is no longer being sold and can no longer be bought online.