The PUBG mobile game is a constant online sport

Detailed instructions for the mobile version PABG

Tencent games published PUBG. This game is available on both Android and ios. This game began in 2018 and became one of the most downloaded and played sports on both ios and android devices. Unfortunately, in 2020, the Indian government banned this game due to conflict between India and China. The players can find the Android version of Google Play and ios version on the Apple app store. This game keeps updated every month with new content, maps, and items to buy.

The minimum criteria of PUBG mobile:

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds best game

PUBG mobile game is constant online sports. The players need an internet connection for playing this game through a mobile network or wi-fi connection. The PUBG lite version has been doing well for several years but on 29th April 2021, this game was closed. You can play the full version of PUBG mobile from any modern android device. The iPhone requires ios 9.0 or after that, a variety of iPhone models supports iPhone 5s are supported and iPad supports iPad Mini 2, as well as iPod touch 6-gen.

The tech specs for the android device are Android 5.1and more and a minimum of 2 GB of RAM.

The basics rules of PUBG mobile

Battle royale indicates all against all, a bit like The Hunger Games where the player begins with nothing and has to search and gather weapons and equipment. The game is all about battle to the last player standing with 100 players on an 8X8 km island. There are smaller maps and several game modes.

There are three main modes of the game. These are solo, duo, and squad. Each one is different from the other. Each of them has some advantages and disadvantages.

  • Solo: the player has to fight against 99 other players to become the last one surviving.
  • Duo: the player can team up with a friend or someone randomly for making a team of two to combat against other pairs and become the last pair or one standing.
  • Squad: the player can team up with up to 3 others or someone randomly. the team is a big as a group of 4 players. Combat against other squads to become the last squad or one surviving.
  • FPP(first-person perspective): this is the way of playing the game in the eyes of the character. It is impossible to convert to third-person mode from this game mode.
  • TPP (Third-person Perspective): this game allows from back the character to watch the whole character. It is possible to scope to the first-person perspective by tapping v.

This game begins with the player parachuting onto the game island. The player has to collect everything from medical supplies to ammunition that he needs to win on the landing mission.  The islands are a combination of urban and rural environments. 

All the description lies in the top right-hand corner of the game. Initially, the total area is worthy of playing. But as time goes on, the area of playing games diminishes. The duration of every game is up to 30 minutes. The player can die as soon as he is on the ground.

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