Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) was developed by Brendan Green

How to play PUBG

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was designed by Brendan Greene. In this game, 100 players are parachuted on a big map where they must search for weapons and other necessary items. The purpose of this game is to survive until the end. After finishing every round, players receive game coins based on how well they survived. The coin is used to purchase cosmetic items for the game’s purpose.

The guidance for playing PUBG for beginners

Instructions for playing PUBG for beginners

Some simple tips are needed to follow before you start to play the game.

  1. Comprehend the point: The goal of this game is to survive until the end. PUBG follows a ranking system for every season. The players who can finish kills, assist, and personal placement goals to be alive.  This game wants players to come together. But necessarily it is best to receive the weapons and medical stuff early on without being killed.
  2. Know when going down: Each sport begins with 100 players gathered into a transport plane flying randomly across the map. The first decision is to know when and where to go down and can easily decide whether they will last 30 seconds or half an hour.
  3. Once the player jumps, he has two options. Jump as fast as you the player can for cities, towns, and bases of the military camp. Where the players can find the best weapons and gears or try to far away from the flight path and search remote buildings peacefully. The players have to be cautious about the other people parachuting and be ready for a fight.
  4. Always seek for the necessities: After landing, the players have to search for weapons and gear to help themselves to survive. The players can find everything on the building floor. The layers have to be taken quickly.
  5. Choose own fights: The most important thing in this game is to know when to fight. If someone shoots at you from a distance, it is better to run away instead of fighting back. If someone is shooting you from a distance, the sound of firing can be heard from anywhere. In the end, the choice of running or fighting completely depends on you.
  6. Be in the safe zone: The safe zone on the map in the PUBG game is marked by the blue line. That slowly constricts. If the player is on the wrong side of the blue line, the health of players will ditch. The player has to keep an eye on the red zone. During the time of bombardment, the player can take shelter in a nearby building. Those who want to run away from the red zone need to escape wisely. Otherwise, the noise of vehicles can create a problem.
  7. Pair up with companions: You can play this game with your friends. Both of us can help each other for revival after being down. At the same time, your opponents are powerful and organized.
  8. Always watch replays: After watching replays, you can understand how to handle the situation and you will acquire a lot of insight.
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