PUBG Case/Crate Opening Sites

Best PUBG Case/Crate Opening Sites 2020/2021

Here’s a list of the best PUBG case opening sites as of right now. With this list, you can quickly get an overview of the best sites to open crates/cases on. In total, we’ve reviewed, played and verified over 18 PUBG case opening sites, and have compiled a top 5 list of the best ones. We hope that you enjoy it.

We rank & review these websites based on multiple factors. Here are some of them:

  • Trustworthiness and legitimacy of the site (no rigging)
  • Withdrawing $1.000 in winnings on the site
  • Reviews from other gamers online
  • .. and even more factors!

Top 5 PUBG Case/Crate Opening Sites 2020/2021

the winner
HellcaseCase opening | Case battle
Case opening

About PUBG Case Opening

In PUBG you can obtain crates, and then open them by buying PUBG keys. That cost (BP) aka. Battle Points. Opening these crates is super exciting as you have the chance to obtain super rare items that are extremely valuable. You could for example unbox items worth $xxx+!

However, as these crates are not always that great, it has resulted in PUBG crate opening sites popping up. These sites work as the official ones in the PUBG game. However, the crates on these websites are way better, cheaper, and more exciting to open usually. This is why many people use these case sites.

Crate opening is also the most popular type of gambling right now in both PUBG and CS: GO.